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Where We Work


Hospitals is a prone zone of diseases and infections. Both patients, visitors and the staff needs to be protected from reinfections and Pestlab Cleaning Services Limited gives the best control on this.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls is a place frequently visited and they accomondate almost all industries including hospitality, health centres and we extend our services to them.

Transport Sector

With increase in bedbugs in public transport vehicles, we have extended our norch to pest control and fumigation in matatu industry as well as personal cars.

Hospitality Industry

Food processors and food handlers either in hospitality, hotel industries and food processing industries are advised to improve on any knowledge for food safety assurance

Government Buildings

All government buildings are bound to be treated with cleanliness like any other places. Government officials are VIP personel and their place of work needs to be clean.


Pupils needs hygiene to maintain their perfomance records as witnessed even at home where each parent prioritize thir kids hygiene.


Insurance Companies are one of our key sectors we look to give professional cleaning services.

Residential Estates

We extend our services to home cleaning. Modern residence zones needs a committed cleaning company like Pestlab Cleaning Services Limited to maintain their status and class potrayed to the visitors.

Training Institutions

Students need a condusive environment for studying and hygiene is one of the factors that contribute to their success.

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